About the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

The Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences of the University of Calabar is a foundation Faculty of the College of Medical Sciences established in 1978. It was then known as School of Basic Medical Sciences and was administered by the Deputy Provost. In February, 2002, the Governing Council of the University of Calabar approved the statute thus leading to the establishment of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences as one of the three faculties. Late Prof. I. B. Umoh became the pioneer Dean of the faculty in the year 2000 and served for two terms till 2004. Prof. E. E. Osim took over as the second dean of faculty till September, 2008. He was succeeded by Prof. P. E. Ebong as the Dean of Faculty whose tenure expired on September 2010 and Prof. A. B. Antai became the Dean of Faculty from October 2010 to September 2012. The current dean of the faculty is Prof. M. U. Eteng who has served two terms from October 2012 to September, 2016.

You can click here to view our Guidelines on the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Research Purposes Produced by: Faculty Animal Research Ethics Committee (FAREC-FBMS).

Brief History of The Faculty

The Faculty of Basic Medical Science is made up of four departments namely Human Anatomy, Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Physiology. The objective of the Faculty is to coordinate and oversee the smooth running of the various academic programmes in the Departments which constitute the core basic medical science departments. Other objectives include formation of research teams that will provide expertise in different areas of basic medical sciences, and to share equipment and other facilities to enhance teaching and research.

Past Deans of Faculty

Late Prof. Ime B. Umoh (1st October, 2000 – 30th September, 2004)
Prof. Eme E. Osim (1st October, 2004 – 30th September, 2008)
Prof. Patrick E. Ebong(1st October, 2008 – 30th September, 2010)
Prof. Atim B. Antai(1st October, 2010 – 30th September, 2012)

Faculty Staff

Name Rank
Mrs. Garaldine Oso Secretary to the Dean
Mrs. Emilia Ekpo Faculty Officer
Pastor Patrick Okon Finance Officer
Pastor Augustine Oto Faculty Accountant
Mr. Christian Ejah Higher Executive Officer
Mr. O. E. Onofiok Clerical Officer
Mrs Cecilia Ekong Caretaker
Miss Bridget Obia Computer Operator II
Mr. Elemi I. Hilary Head Messenger / Cleaner