About the Department of Human Anatomy

The Department of Anatomy, University of Calabar started in 1978 with initial staff strength of six academic, eight technical and four administrative staff. In 1979, a B.Sc. programme in human Anatomy was stared to produce sustainable teaching staff for the department. The department started the M.Sc and Ph.D. programmes in 1985 and 1993 respectively. The course is designed to provide comprehensive training in Human Anatomy so that the manpower need in teaching and research can be filled.

Our Staff

Academic Staff

Technical Staff

Name Unit Rank
Mr. Essien H. Essien Gross Anatomy Chief Technologist
Mr. Isaiah Umoh Gross Anatomy Assistant Chief Technologist
Mr. Joseph E. Edet Gross Anatomy Principal Lab. Superintendent
Mr. Okon E. Akpan Gross Anatomy Technologist 1
Mr. Dominic E. Edet Gross Anatomy Senior Lab. Supervisor
Mrs. M. Owoo Histology Chief Technologist
Mr. S. B. Okoi Histology Senior Lab. Supervisor
Mr. E. M. Ukanga Histology Demonstrator 11
Mr. Eru, Eru Mba Histology Demonstrator 11
Miss Theresa E. Isamoh Histology Demonstrator 11
Mr. Nyong V. Offiong Histology Laboratory Assistant

Administrative Staff

Name Unit Rank